Rwanda is growing, both in prestige and in opportunities. The number of international hotels and restaurants continues to increase almost daily. Along with the increase in number, the service in Rwanda is being lifted to international standards. This means that skilled waitresses and serving staff are in great demand, especially those who are proficient in English.

The Great Escape Job Preparedness Training has been established to meet that need. Initially this training was set up in 2017 to train young women from the Compassion International program. The course has been so successful, that we have opened the training to private students.

The students who have successfully completed this training, will be skilled waitresses, able to find work in an international hotel or restaurant.

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At the end of their training, our students take exams. Completing them successfully indicates that the students are competent in both hospitality and English (speaking, listening, reading and writing). However, it is important that the students then find suitable employment. So, after graduation, we offer to help students find a job. We are happy to report that a number of students who completed the course have found work, while others have gone on to further their education at university.
Each team member is specialised in a particular subject. We are a mixed team of different nationalities, all with experience in the hospitality business or a background in teaching. Specialities include, Food & Beverage service, culinary art, English, mathematics, front desk and entrepreneurship.
The subjects given are: Hygiene & Food Safety, Health & Safety, Hospitality and Tourism English, Bar & Restaurant Mise-en-place, Food & Beverage Service, Food production skills, Entrepreneurship, Front Office operations, Costumer care and Guest relations and others.


Requirements to join the training

At present, we only train women. To enter this training, you must be a Senior 6 graduate, and also pass our entrance procedure, consisting of an interview (5K) and written test. The course is taught only in English, which is why a good level of English is required. Next group will start in February 2020. If you are interested, register now by clicking on SEND APPLICATION MAIL.


The training lasts 1 year. It starts with 4 months of intensive training; the students attend classes for 5 days per week (8AM – 3PM). Each week they focus on English, general subjects, and two days of mastering the practical side of hospitality. This includes laying tables, welcoming guests, serving, food production, etc. After those 4 months, the students become Interns (2 months of internship). After they finish their first internship, the students will be trained for another 2 months. They will continue with the practicals in our workshop location and we will focus on: Job readiness and application skills, life skills and leadership skills, public speaking, finances etc. They will finish the training by writing a report and taking a practical exam, and then go into their final internship (2 months). At this time, we give career guidance to help them find a job after their training is done.

Hands on and practical

Our method of study is designed to be hands-on and practical. For example, the trainers use role-playing to help the students understand interactions between waitresses, other staff members and customers. All our lessons are focused on practical training.

Training Fee

'The Great Escape' Hospitality training costs RWF 500,000 for 1 year of training, including 4 months internship.

We prefer that every student pay via bank account. If that is not possible then cash payment is also acceptable.

The training fee of RWF 500,000 can be paid in instalments. For example (RWF 175,000 on 1st month, RWF 175,000 on 2nd month and RWF 150,000 on the 3rd month.)

Conversation Assistance

The English book we use focuses on conversations that students will have with the customers in different settings in the restaurant, at the bar, at reception, etc.

Field Trip

As part of the training, the team takes the students on a field trip to visit some hotels in Kigali. Our first group of students was warmly welcomed at Radisson Park Inn and, after a 2-hour tour, went to the Convention Center for pizza and drinks. The second class also visited Kigali Marriott hotel.


We work together with various hotels and restaurants in Kigali by placing our students there as interns. After 4 months of study, our students start their first 2 months of internship in order to practice their skills and gain experience. During the internships, The Great Escape collaborates with the relevant hotel/restaurant, in order to ensure that students carry out their internship as effectively as possible. In total they will do 4 months of internship.

Reconciliation and Healing

Because we are aware of Rwanda’s history, and the continued hurt that much of the population is suffering, we want to help our students understand how reconciliation and inner healing can positively impact their lives. We have invited CARSA (a local Christian NGO), who have many years of experience providing this vital training, to facilitate a workshop at the beginning of our training.

Included in the training

- Registration
- Field trip
- Lunch during training
- Uniform
- Writing materials (notebook, pen)
- Personal Accident insurance
- Reconciliation and Healing workshop
- Intensive English training
- Internships at various hotels/restaurants
- Help with applying for jobs (career guidance)

If you are interested in our hospitality training, register now by clicking on the SEND APPLICATION MAIL link below! Next group will start in February 2020.


The Great Escape

Empowering vulnerable school leavers through vocational training

Our training is aimed at young female school leavers with underprivileged backgrounds. If they can demonstrate sufficient motivation and have sufficient knowledge of English, they are admitted. The restaurant is an environment in which they develop self-confidence, and where they are able to practice behaving in society. Over a period of 1 year they learn the skills needed for working in the hospitality industry. They receive job application training and continually work on improving their English.  

After 4 months training, they embark on a 2-month internship, then return to train for another 2 months. After a practical exam, they go into their final 2-month internship. The first three trainings have been very positive, with half of the students now employed, and the others doing follow-up studies. The next training will begin in 2020, when we hope to train 5 groups of 20 women. The impact has proven to be immense! Below you will find the testimony of one of our students

You can help! Are you interested in supporting a student or supporting the training, you can make a donation to this wonderful program, our bank details are:

Bank of Kigali
00040-06943651-42 RWF

People from the Netherlands can donate via (ANBI – tax deductible):
Stichting The Cornerstone Foundation
IBAN: NL40INGB0007458309

“I heard about your training program while I was waiting to be admitted to university. In the training we found ourselves in a group of other girls from the Compassion program."

We got personal attention from the teachers who were like family to us. They gave us direction for our life and showed us how to live together with other people. They also talked to us about having professional behaviour, that would help us in our career, whereas, at school, we only learned theoretical subjects.

We have learned to be self confident, how to be behave, and how to speak in front of people. In high school I only encountered girls, but in the hotel I learned how to deal with many people, also boys. This is something that we can always use in life, whatever we are doing.

In the CARSA training about reconciliation we learned what happened during the Genocide and how this can still affect us today. We were taught how to address our inner wounds and how to reconcile with others. Because of this, I am no longer the same girl that came into the program at the beginning.

I am now in university and will get a job in a hotel in the vacation. My mother died recently and we, the four children, are left without parents. Our family is supporting us, but I want to show them that I will use my career to support my siblings, and that I have not learned all this for nothing.”


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